5 inventions that will disrupt travel of the future

A plane is landing on the airport

Future travel will be faster, more efficient, and sustainable. And it could take you much further than our planet – or even the physical world.  The world is getting smaller, and what a gift that is. Except for the planet that suffers as our travel ambitions grow. Some forward-thinking companies understand that a groundbreaking change […]

These problems could halt the meteoric rise of Clubhouse

man listening to audio on mobile by a bridge

Clubhouse found us hungry for serendipitous conversations amidst the lockdown blues. If you managed to get your hands on an invitation early on: what a journey! You could be laughing with your friends and then switch to Elon Musk grilling the Robinhood co-founder. Celebrities would “appear” at your dinner table in real time, provided you […]

The race to get humans on Mars just got more competitive

NASA probe on planet Mars

NASA believes that nuclear propulsion will get humans on Mars by the end of the 2030s. A burning question remains: should this be our second home?  Elon Musk is a man of bold predictions. Sometimes he delivers, sometimes he doesn’t, and all eyes are on him as his SpaceX races towards Mars. The tech genius […]

Microsoft Mesh is a hologram-filled dream of every sci-fi fan

woman sitting in room with mesh

Here can be anywhere: that’s what Microsoft claimed at their Ignite conference. The tech giant introduced Mesh, a mixed reality platform that transports people to a whole new world that groups can share. You could swim with majestic whales from the safety of your living room or walk through a house that wasn’t built yet. […]

Post-covid travelers will be more demanding, and that’s terrific news

airplane window

Traveling post-covid will be full of surprises. People expect safety, comfort, and flexibility, and this time, providers will have to comply.  In ‘Pretend It’s a City‘, the reliably cranky Fran Lebowitz talks to Alec Baldwin about travel. At one point, she hilariously rants about flying, and you can hear the audience laugh with sympathy. Everyone […]

5 companies dreaming of a future with zero hunger

woman standing in fruit market

Around 690 million people in the world still go hungry. It’s one of those incredibly maddening issues because it feels like a solution should be at our fingertips. There is enough food for everyone – we are very, very bad at distributing it and managing our food waste. While the future with zero hunger won’t come […]

Covid-19 is an opportunity to fix healthcare and empower patients

person at a laptop in the dark

There’s a silver lining in the ongoing pandemic: we finally have an opportunity to, once and for all, fix healthcare. Right now, it is far from efficient. We might have plenty of technology and medication, but that doesn’t mean that we – the patients – are getting the best possible treatment. There are several areas […]

Your data should be yours to sell: here’s why you should care

person standing

You’ve probably heard the saying: if it’s free, then you are the product. And so we keep browsing, chatting, accepting cookies, not reading terms and conditions, and our digital selves live between the lines of code. Will that have consequences? Almost certainly, if legislation and regulations don’t keep up with the pace of tech giants […]

When it feels good to be bad: how moral licensing stops progress

photo of a person with painted face

When Kamala Harris made her first speech as the first woman, Black person and South Asian to be elected vice president of the United States first, she said she might be the first woman to hold this office, but she won’t be the last. That’s likely true, and hopefully, many more women will finally be […]

Behavioral economics: when the right words change everything

Bevarioral Economics

When Bolt wanted to attract potential drivers in Slovakia, they faced tough competition from Uber and other taxi companies. They knew they had to stand out, so they’ve decided to give a shot to behavioral economics principles.  All it took was a couple of cleverly chosen words to make candidates feel like they can’t miss […]