Remote Work – The Challenge of Hybrid Teams and the Gender Equation

women at a desk

We’re in the middle of a pandemic that took our offices. Suddenly, we collaborate with teammates and clients from kitchen tables and couches. Remote work uncovered the new dynamic of teams that no longer spend time together, and the disparity between those who commute to work while others stay at home is inevitably deeper. On […]

Technology is invading healthcare, and that might save your life

Technology is invading healthcare

Health tech is taking over our clinics and hospitals, helping doctors with unprecedented insights. But that’s not all – responsibility for our own health is becoming reality, with wearables and telemedicine empowering anyone at all.  An accurate diagnosis or an optimal treatment plan isn’t a given in the most modern healthcare systems. The vast amount […]

Circular city: Where sustainability reigns supreme

Circular city: Where sustainability reigns supreme

Even something as complex and demanding as a city can strive for a beautifully closed loop that utilizes resources wisely. Ellen van Bueren, Professor of Urban Development Management at the Delft University of Technology, talked to us at Reflect Festival. She offered a glimpse into the future where our products, houses, and even cities aren’t […]

Drones: Commercial delivery is growing globally

In the early days of this technology, drones were mostly used in the fields of research, photography, security and communication. Perhaps its most important use, commercially, is within retail delivery. For online retailers, drone delivery systems mean that it has become that much easier, cheaper and faster to deliver local customer orders right to their […]

Blinkist Co-Founder: Raising Money on a Pitch Deck Is a Risk

Blinkist Co-Founder: Raising Money on a Pitch Deck Is a Risk

Blinkist is a well-known companion for those who love to read but lack time. The tool that distills key ideas from non-fiction bestsellers into bite size text and audio has raised over $35 million to date. However, how they spent their first $300k of pre-seed money could have broken them.  Niklas Jansen shared his stories […]

Fashion redefined

Fashion redefined

Fashion needs to understand opportunities of sustainability, digital marketplace and customer relationships.  How do you go from Met Gala, New York Fashion Week, and hundreds of bustling stores to complete uncertainty? Fashion suffered a devastating blow due to the ongoing pandemic: McKinsey estimated that global profits fell around 93 percent in 2020.  “We really need […]

Being Contrarian Pays Off

Being contrarian pays off

Human beings can be described as contradictory species. Although most of us want to be unique and stand out from the rest, the truth of the matter is that we also want to fit in. This is because fitting in and being part of a social hierarchy gives us the feeling of safety and security. […]

How Vampires, Playful Trash Cans and Board Games Create a Better World

Games creating a better world

When it comes to engagement, you could call it the holy grail of today’s world. We’d all love to have an engaged audience, customers, and users – and games are particularly good at achieving that. Why exactly?  When you’re enjoying yourself while playing and you’re having fun, that’s not an accident. It’s a result of […]

Sustainable Development as an Approach to Creating Wealth

Sustainable development and wealth creation

What is wealth to the average person? Essentially, most individuals will state that wealth is having money to do with what you want without limitations. For generations that is how most people have seen wealth, but today’s generation of entrepreneurs is altering our very image of wealth and investing time, effort, and money in making […]

On slowing down, working with purpose, and fixing the way we live

Slowing down and working with purpose

Arguably, we took a wrong turn somewhere along the never-ending path to success. Despite the current Covid crisis, we’ve never had a more comfortable life, yet humanity has never felt more depressed. Could it be the elusive holy grail of perfection, thinking about the “should be-s”, and trying to do it all? Are we all […]