Capitalism 3.0: When social impact becomes a win-win for all

Improving areas like health, education, or the environment is not only about social impact – in Capitalism 3.0, it can be profitable. We’ve talked to Dr. Nat Ware to understand how humanity can improve social impact (and capitalism) at a systems level. Nat, do you think there’s a problem with how capitalism works now?  Good […]

Are NFTs a fantastic investment or a silly fad?


They sell for millions. NFTs became investments that tempt collectors, confuse almost everyone else, and entertain the netizens. Are these crypto collectibles a wise investment?  When you made it to Saturday Night Live, you made it, period. While politicians and celebrities are regulars in the cult TV comedy show, last week’s sketch targeted the newest […]

Employees have new expectations. They demand freedom and flexibility

person at desk with mobile

With the vaccine rollout, many countries are envisioning a summer that resembles the pre-pandemic reality. Besides resuming travel, parties, and gatherings, we could finally sit next to our colleagues back in the office. The question is – do we want to? Yes, but employees have certain expectations. In the meantime, employees have become accustomed to the […]

Neuro-training expert: Success in sports is only 10% physical, you need to train your brain

A boy is wearing the neuro training device on his head and playing football with his mind.

Neuroscientist Konstantin Sonkin is a Founder and CEO at i-BrainTech, a company that allows athletes to play sports game simulations with their imagination. Their pilot with a professional soccer academy team showcased the tremendous potential of neuro-training in sports. After six weeks, the players improved their accuracy and ball speed by over 30%. Konstantin tells […]

“No doctor for me”: How toxic masculinity destroys men’s health

An sad man is holding his head and looking down.

A new study found that toxic masculinity has a devastating effect on men’s health. Manual, a startup that understands men need discreet treatment and medical advice, just raised $30 million to tackle the problem. Are the jokes about “man flu” fair? For ages, we’ve been making fun of men whining about their cold symptoms. Yes, […]

Why should doughnut economics replace aggressive growth?

Three doughnuts on the red plate at the table

Cities around the world are turning to doughnut economics. This crisis might motivate us to focus on thriving instead of aggressive and unsustainable growth.  To say “less is more” about the economy feels a bit counterintuitive. “More” has been the mantra of pretty much every country in the world. We pat ourselves on the back […]

Our fertility is being hijacked, so AI is stepping in

A newborn is being placed on a medical scale by a nurse

Health issues, omnipresent chemicals, and Western lifestyle are pushing birth rates to historical lows. AI startups emerge to tackle the growing fertility problems. Struggles with fertility are a delicate subject. When a couple can’t conceive, it can feel as if their bodies failed to do what they were designed for. Guilt, shame, pressure, the never-ending […]

Co-living: How Digital Nomads Find Communities In Urban Jungles

Four people are sitting in a shared room while working on their laptops

“It takes a village”. We’ve all heard the saying: to achieve something big; it helps to do it together. As we populate the cities, the concept of a “village” doesn’t always travel with us. Even if you live in a pulsing metropolis packed with people, real connections only come with effort. They’re certainly possible: as […]

How can healthcare still be a luxury for the chosen few?

Healthcare still a luxury for the few

Once, there were two girls: Anna and Sophie. A cancer diagnosis is always devastating news, but it’s even more tragic when you’re just a kid, and it’s supposedly untreatable. Anna was lucky – she lived in Holland, her doctor was connected and well informed, and she managed to undergo an experimental treatment that saved her […]