7 brilliant movies that predict the future built on our wrong decisions

Photo by Murai .hr on Unsplash. Image of TV screens in dark room

Sci-fi has always been a way to travel in time. It brought us flying cars, robots, video calls, and mobile phones long before they existed. But beyond imagining new technology inventions, great films don’t shy away from the philosophical and moral consequences that innovation brings. We’ve already started seeing the results of our focus on […]

The world is burning. Could AI prevent future devastating wildfires?

firefighters wearing their gear and going to assist with a fire

As if the news about this year’s natural catastrophes wasn’t tragic enough, new wildfires of almost unimaginable scales are ravaging precious forests and historic sites. The latest heatwave has Turkey, Greece, Italy, and North Macedonia helplessly watching their homes and farms burn.  While increasingly damaging consequences of climate change were to be expected, angry voices […]

5 European countries to look out for as they race to become major startup hubs

people at their laptops in coffee shop with their startup

Infrastructure, talent, tax system, accessibility, lifestyle… Any of these can make the difference to a founder seeking a headquarters of Europe’s next big thing. Of course, the bustling metropoles like Berlin, London, and Amsterdam usually lead the surveys and reports. However, that doesn’t stop smaller players from joining the fierce competition. They are ambitious and […]

It’s OK to not be OK. How athletes ignited a mental health revolution

Simone Biles, trials at Rio 2016 Olympic Games

When Simone Biles put her wellbeing before an Olympic medal, hate comments about her “betrayal” were inevitable. Unsurprisingly, Piers Morgan summed up the stubborn narrow-mindedness of some. He called Biles’ issues “a go-to excuse for poor performance” and suggested that kids need stronger role models. His insensitive comments followed several admissions of athletes struggling with their mental health. […]

Earth’s vital signs are catastrophic; 14.000 scientists say we need to act now

forest fire disaster

The planet is dying, and thousands of scientists have teamed up to sound the alarm: this is a climate emergency. Published in BioScience, the article follows the 2019 warning issued by 11.000 scientists, now joined by 2800 more of their colleagues. Their newest analysis about Earth’s vital signs points to a catastrophic situation. That could come […]

The Spyware that alarmed the world: Unraveling the Pegasus scandal

mobile phone with Hello written on screen

The right to maintain privacy and own your data is one of today’s most urgent topics among legislators. Mark Zuckerberg could sure tell you about some uncomfortable Senate hearings. However, the recent Pegasus scandal reiterates what everyone from cynics to Edward Snowden said: our privacy rights are in danger. What’s Pegasus? Spyware by NSO Group, […]

Can Amazon’s new futuristic headquarters in Virginia persuade employees to like offices again?

Amazon H2Q Spiral building Virginia, USA

For tech giants such as Google or Facebook, over-the-top offices filled with anything from climbing walls to hammocks are not just a way to demonstrate how laid-back and forward-thinking they are. These giant campuses feel more like compact, convenient neighborhoods than office buildings. Grocery stores, kindergartens, and sometimes even employee apartments are just around the […]

8 podcasts packed with insights for those building a future-proof business

man wearing headphones listening to podcasts and music

GetForward has rounded up compelling podcasts that include some quality food for thought regarding business building, entrepreneurship, and leadership. If you’re curious how future-proof businesses are born and how to make them thrive, these are the podcasts to dig into. a16z The a16z Podcast is the go-to place for discussions about technology, innovation, and change […]