These are the four skills children need to get ready for the future

chemistry teacher with children doing classroom experiments

Memorizing, listening, and being obedient towards authorities won’t get children far in the world that we’re racing towards. Yet, that’s often the sad reality of outdated school systems that can’t keep up with the progress. But even if we can’t get kids perfectly ready for what we can’t predict, they can sharpen the skills that […]

Social media platforms need to step up: EU wants to abolish fake news

social media icons on a smartphone screen

Back in 2018, platforms such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok, pledged to do better when it comes to disinformation. How did they fare? It seems that not quite well enough. And so the EU is stepping in again to motivate social media platforms in this important fight. This time, the European Commission proposes stricter rules […]

Business travel isn’t doomed, but it will look different in the future

man standing at airport window looking at the city

Do employees miss the hassle of airports, delayed flights, and jet lags? Turns out… they really do. So much so that business travel might turn into a perk offered by employers in the future. Work trips are slowly coming back, and while workers generally agree that face-to-face meetings are crucial, things won’t be quite the […]

We know how long humans could live – and it’s not forever (yet)

Asian elderly couple standing outside home. Man with flowers

Would you want to live forever? Half of Silicon Valley sure does. Promising companies worldwide are racing to prolong human life, and some are even meddling with the idea of cheating death altogether. Famous futurist Ray Kurzweil predicted that the road to immortality would start in 2029, and we should reach singularity – being “one” with technology […]

The internet troll dreams: chaos, confusion, and foolish vaccine rumors

young man on the computer browsing internet and communicating with others

The whole world held its breath looking at the 2020 US elections unfold. At times, it felt like a game where rules are scarce, and the truth is of least concern. Of course, it ended with a shocking storming of the United States Capitol and a bitter aftertaste after months of chaos, misinformation, and manipulation.  […]

Employers shouldn’t exploit gig workers: European Commission wants new rules

delivery person on bike going to next location

Don’t you just love it that you can order food and someone will discreetly leave it in front of your door? All those cheap Uber rides, fast translations of your documents, and graphic designers ready to deliver your vision within a day are courtesy of the gig economy. The workers that secure their gigs through […]

Liquid leather and mushroom bacon: the boom of biomaterials

mushrooms growing in the forest on tree bark

As we grow more aware of how much we’ve damaged our planet, the rise of eco-friendly lifestyles and veganism breed new industries. Biomaterials are a hot topic: the more packaging, clothes, food, and even furniture they can turn “green”, the better. Ecovative, a company that leverages mushroom mycelia, knows a thing or two about that. […]