Sustainable Development as an Approach to Creating Wealth

What is wealth to the average person? Essentially, most individuals will state that wealth is having money to do with what you want without limitations. For generations that is how most people have seen wealth, but today’s generation of entrepreneurs is altering our very image of wealth and investing time, effort, and money in making products and providing services through sustainable practices. How is there ROI you may ask? Excellent! Here are some companies that have made sustainability their ultimate goal and they are now reaping amazing benefits largely due to their commitment to sustainability.


This Danish company is known for producing some of the most influential sustainable energy resources to the world. Orsted has held the top spot for most sustainable company for 3 years and going strong. Climate change is something we are all battling and Orsted has stated that it will take a combined effort of all companies, both large and small, along with individuals making smart changes to positively impact the environment. Orsted regularly constructs offshore and onshore windfarms along with bioenergy plants to help curb the need for fossil fuels throughout the world.


To some, shoes are just shoes. For big name shoe companies, shoes mean high profits, but in the case of the TOMS company, shoes are something to be shared across the globe. The year was 2006 when a young entrepreneur by the name of Blake Mycoskie decided to start making shoes, coffee, eye wear, and bags, and other apparel items. However, his approach to business was not merely about making and selling, but working to impact those who might, otherwise, not be able to afford clothing.

TOMS has given shoes and other clothing to schools around the world ensuring that students have some of their basic necessities taken care of. When you purchase TOMS products, you can be confident in knowing that some of the proceeds are meeting the needs of others and that fact has driven TOMS to amazing success over the last 15 years.


Carbon emissions and waste from factories is killing the environment. In 2000 it was estimated that textile companies generated 9.4 million tons of waste and by 2014 that number had skyrocketed to 16.2 million tons. Patagonia is doing their part to do something about it with great success. Patagonia is working from all fronts to ensure their clothes are made to be the most sustainable possible. They use 68% recycled fabrics cutting emissions by 20,000 tons each year. To put that into perspective, that is enough power saved to power approximately 2,300 homes for an entire year. Additionally, the company is working to ensure their factories are carbon neutral by 2025.

Elvis Summers

A lot of sustainability focus is on how we use energy in our cars, businesses, and even our homes. The tiny home revolution has taken over the world. Entire families are making an effort to live in spaces that are smaller than tradition homes and utilize energy in a more intelligent manner. These homes have not merely become a trend, but a way of life for many, but there is much more these energy efficient homes can do for our world.

One man, Elvis Summers, has been providing homeless people with a way to stay safe and comfortable. Summer’s homes are very small and provide a safe option for those without homes for themselves. Each home takes Elvis 5 days to complete and currently, he uses found objects to build each one. By using already made materials, Elvis Summers is able to provide a safe, portable, and comfortable space for homeless people to enjoy without the need for tent cities that have become a problem in many densely populated areas.

Sustainability is about all of us. Whether you are a huge company or just an individual trying to do your part to make the world a better place it is important. These people and companies have worked to become leaders in the world of sustainability, but there is so much more that needs to be accomplished. 

As more companies turn to sustainable energy options and the reduction of fossil fuels, we will begin to see a better world. It does not take a huge impact to make a difference, so always do your part to make your world more sustainable and overall, more profitable for everyone. Build your wealth through sustainable options and you can finally feel completely amazing about your accomplishments.

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