Future sextech is much more exciting than toys and robots

“It’s so much more than what you initially think,” says Bryony Cole, the world’s leading authority on sextech. It sure looks like sextech industry will boom in the future. The projections predict that the sexual wellness market will grow as high as 123 billion USD. As a result, investors are starting to pay attention: and so should you. 

As Bryony explained at Reflect Festival, e-commerce and sex toys may be huge, but there’s so much untapped potential. You just need to look beyond the obvious. Sextech of the future is so much more interesting, diverse, and important than the toys that lie next to most beds. 

These five technologies hand-picked by Bryony prove that the future of sex is indeed fascinating. “We’re not only talking about the physical aspect, but also the emotional aspect, the intimacy of it all,” she points out. 

Check your sperm count at home

Men don’t like to visit doctors, period. If they suffer from a sensitive problem, it’s even more likely to avoid talking about it. Considering how widespread infertility is, whatever helps to obtain information discreetly is a huge deal. 

One of the companies that let men learn and improve fertility from home is YO. They can do the test themselves; no labs needed. “It essentially turns your smartphone into a microscope to measure the motility and speed of your swimmers,” Bryony explains. The test is 97 percent accurate compared to lab testing, which takes away so much stress hopeful dads would otherwise go through.

Avoid premature ejaculation

Finishing too soon affects the quality of sex as well as male confidence. Thanks to sextech, there could be a better way than a magic blue pill in the future.

According to Morari Medical, premature ejaculation affects around 30 percent of men. To solve it, the company is developing the world’s first wearable-tech delayed ejaculation solution. Their “band-aid” should be able to interfere with the nerve signals from the penis to the brain. This will result in delayed ejaculation. 

Swap your body with the opposite gender

The Machine to Be Another technology is a truly daring experiment. The creators worked with research that suggested that Embodiment Virtual Reality (EVR) could be a transformative experience. Imagine embodying someone else – a person who could be older, of a different race, or opposite gender. Our empathy tends to grow, and we can overcome negative stereotyping. 

As for The Gender Swap, the authors believe it’s a truly profound experience. Among other things, it challenges gender norms and ingrained behavioral patterns. Should a couple try it out, that’s a whole another level of intimacy that transcends sex. Indeed, future sextech can get quite philosophical.

“What would that experience be like? To look down with a virtual reality headset and experience being in another person’s body, gender, or another person with different abilities to yours ?”, Bryony wonders. 

Have sex virtually

If you think about sextech of the future, you probably imagine intercourse with robots. Well, yes, that will happen. But perhaps you won’t need them to replace your partner if you’re in a long-distance relationship.

Thanks to progressive companies in the area of teledildonics, long-distance sex keeps getting more enjoyable. It can get way more realistic and intimate than, let’s say, some juicy phone conversations. “Those apps are now quite clever, and they’re able to not only connect the toy itself, but you have texting and video chat built within the app, and it all disappears after you log out,” Bryony sums up. 

Overcome your disability

Bryony believes that sextech aimed at traditionally overlooked groups of people, such as those with disabilities, will be a game-changer. “A lot of the time, minority populations are considered invisible when we’re thinking about how we design technology,” Bryony says. What is amazing, she explains, is that sextech innovators come from various backgrounds. Naturally, they drive the market to reflect their own desires and needs. Handi, for example, is a tool by and for disabled people, and can tremendously help with their sex life.

In the future, sextech can finally address the opportunities in a market we shamefully ignored until now. 

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